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police say under age porn was found on a computer. the boy tried to blame a friend. investigators found almost 500 movies and able to rule out the friend. virginia man who hit and killed a towson student in ocean city will spend five years in prison. he was drunk when he hit 22 year old matthew as he crossed coastal highway on memorial day weekend. he got a 10 year sentence. he got five years probation. his mother says she has forgiven him and hopes he can turn his life around. it's dry. milder than yesterday afternoon. we will be milder tomorrow. take a look, clear skies,
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overhead, radar b 48 towson, rock hall, below 50, 50 towards the west. they will trade this for the 30s tonight. chilly for the we were suburbs, limits, dropping in to the 30s for tonight. 46 through the evening, cool, a chilly mid night temperature of around 40 degrees in town. 37 waking up to around 60 for tomorrow. while we are at 52 in the city. memphis 70 degrees, could it be beach weather. we will have the seven-day forecast in a little bit. large bus fill with supplies to help families of the hurricane victims. they were delivered to the crab capital of the world. it's hard to forget people in maryland are still struggling with storm damage in their area. we haven't forgotten about chrisfield as well. >> don harrison took a trip
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there today to check up on the clean up. >> chrisfield is a city that is surrounded by water and relies on all the industries that the water provides, two weeks now, and the city dock is still in shambles. not only were the people in town affected, they rely on supplies, the city dock is critical to that operation. >> boats from smith island, convenient, safe place, they can get off and on towards the boat and carry supplies. >> all the supplies and boats running off the island and smith island are coming ow of summers cove, until the city dock can be repaired. chrisfield, don harrison, abc2 news. >> if you would like to donate, they are collecting toiletries,
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bed len linens. lin anyone -- a gas rationing system is started, tj winnick tells us there is no end in sight. >> with gasoline difficult, ragging is spread to new york city, and long island. going on 11 days of a fuel shortage, drivers have a short fuse. >> impossible. there is no gas or you wait three hours. >> reporter: many running out before they reach the pump. last night a cop was there to keep peace, and helped a man push his car the final block. a new york man was charged with running down a police officer after he was told to move his car from a gas line because it
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was blocking traffic. more than 500,000 customers across the region are living without power. many also need gas to keep generators running in frigid temperatures. >> 90% is not a victory, the 10% who don't have power is a defeat, we will keep working and keep pushing the issue until that number is zero. 10 days after the killer storm, new york city mayor, michael bloomberg is taking action. instituting, odd, even gas rationing system. it will be available to drivers with license plate numbers ending in an odd number or a letter beginning today. drivers with plate numbers ending in even or zero can get gas starting saturday. we have to do something. it's practical and enforceable. >> reporter: the nor east ser adding to the problems with power outages and fuel tanker deliveries disrupted. >> there is no gas in brooklyn. we came in to manhattan to get
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gas. >> rationing shortages and long lines are expected to last at least another couple of weeks. tj winnick, abc2 news, new york. >> it is the news that you have been waiting to a hear, gas prices are on the way down, keep dropping as we hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday. that's good news. according to aaa, the average will be down to as low as $3.25 by thanksgiving, and drop down to $3.10 by the end of the year. here in maryland, right now, we are paying an average of $3.48 a gallon for regular gas. >> you are going to need to change your strategy this year, door buster deals at 11:00 p.m. john matarese shows you the biggest bargains so you don't waste your money. >> the ads are coming fast and furious. the biggest baddest ad now out,
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wal-mart's at for the day after thanksgiving. and we have a sneak peek of targets as well. a deal this year, guaranteeing you will get three of the hottest items as long as you show up between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. courtesy of the website, bf ads .net, this shows a free $10 target gift card, if you spend $50 or more on apparel friday morning. among the guaranteed in stock items in wal-mart, apple ipad 2, where the bonus $75 gift card for $399. also lg blue ray player for $38, and emerson 32-inch lcd hgtv for $1488. earlier openings, wal-mart starts at 8:00 p.m. thursday, at the baltimore area
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stores, target opens at 9:00 p.m. they will have a second and third round of door busters later in the night. plan accordingly so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc2 news. a smash and grab where the thieves make off, not with dialeds but dogs. how many of those puppies were stolen, what stopped a thief from taking every pup in the store.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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a thief makes a smash and grab to steal puppys and it's caught on tape, happened at a pet store in colorado, the thief throw as rock through the window and a 10 week old yorkie and two 9 week old bugs in his duffel bag. he tried to grab a fourth dog through the glass. those dogs together worth more than $3000 k but more than the money, the owner is worried about the safety of those young
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pups. explosion at a racetrack in california, the driver survives, funny car champion was on the track at a qualifying race when he seen his engine blew up. shrapnel flew in to the grand stands. seattle motorcycle driver is seriously hurt after a crash, with a duck boat. video released could be a key to evidence when it goes to trail. the drive of the bike was crushed under the weight of the boat. he was throne under a dragged for a block before the drive stopped. the driver is suing the duck boat company. they are not commenting about the accident. when a day at the office goes badly, having a bat to smash your computer would feel good. some are taking cubical rage to the extreme. many have been posted to youtube showing workers taking out angst with their office supplies. experts say it's understandable, given the
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economy and stress all ofous are under.
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a warmer day in comparison to yesterday. miresville, beautiful shot along the appalachian trail. made it in to middle 50s. you are going to crank it to 60. tomorrow the sunset, we are back to dark. dundalk, towards the key bridge, lots of sunshine getting your temperatures up to near 60 degrees, we will bust pass that in to the day tomorrow. maybe a beach day by monday as temperatures could come close to 70 if not surpassing that 71 in to tuesday afternoon. shot downtown b at 5:30, the 5:30 stats, 48% humidity, 33 the dew point. westerly wind, calming down at 5. in terms of this afternoon, up to 56 degrees, should be around 5249 time of the -- 59 this time of the year. temperatures across the state, range from 52 in the city, 54
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towards frederick, falling in to the low 50s over the eastern shore, you will see your temperatures going down in to the 30ss tonight, 2 degrees warmer in comparison to 24 hours ago. milder air move in. a southerly wind, getting you temperatures going in to the 60s. at 7:00, 46 degrees, midnight hours falling around 40 in town, outside this beltway, 30s, in to the 30s for the overnight hours, 54 for the lunchtime temperature, going for 60 for your day tomorrow. clear and that will be the picture for the next 3, 4 days, a few clouds out over the ohio valley, some of that will drift in our direction as we go in to your day tomorrow. notice, a big storm system over montana, talking blizzard warnings and the whole mess of weather, maybe a foot and a half out near montana. why we mention the storms it's bringing in mild air on the front side of that.
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70 memphis. 82 dallas. that's the warm air moving in our direction as we go in to your weekend and next week. the chill is on right now, mild air comes in to play this weekend, lasting in to tuesday, and then we see your pattern change towards colder. few clouds tomorrow, sunshine and clouds, over to sunny skies by sunday morning. future trend as we go in to your day sunday, mostly sunny skies, temperatures in to the 60s. there is your temperatures, upper 50s to 60s for your day tomorrow. in to 40s tomorrow night. we boost the temperatures up, 60s to near 70 degrees as we go in to sunday. 30s towards the west, in town, we will talk about temperatures falling to around 40. forecast tomorrow, 2-degree guarantee, 61. tomorrow night, 43s not as chilly. your seven-day forecast, nice and mild over the weekend, monday 66. cold front brings us down to reality on tuesday.
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56, down to around 50 on wednesday, that's the seven-day forecast, on sunday, i will give you a 90 day forecast. there ised up occasions on how the -- this is indication on how the winter will play out. 1.8 inches? >> this much. >> or is it going to go over your head? possible. we will talk about that sunday at 11:00. with the election now behind us, its time to start looking ahead to the next presidential race. >> do we have to >> reporter: there is already buzz about 2016, here are names to consider. democrats perhaps no one will be better positioned than joe biden, with 36 years of experience in the senate, could ride the curt tails of his boss, president obama. he is hinting at a run.
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his biggest challenge could come from 2008's runner up, secretary of state, hilary clinton, who maintains she has no interest in running. >> i'm flattered but i feel like it's time for me to step off the high wire. >> reporter: she has a loyal following and willing campaigner in her husband. >> we are here to nominate a president. >> reporter: a ow power couple that could make her a force to be reckoned with. other stars include mayor julion castro and corey booker. for viis former vp form knee, paul ryan, at the top of the list. >> leadership matters. >> reporter: chris christie passed on a 2012 run, but 2016 could be a different story. there is a florida duo, marco rubio and former governor jeb bush. >> the republican candidates for president of the united states. don't forget those who fell short this go around.
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no word on the presidential prospects of michelle bachmann, rick perry or herman cane. expect focus on rick santorum who gave mitt romney a run for his money in the primary. i guess it's never too early to start talking about what could be a jam packed 2016 election cycle. >> if you have not had enough of politics this week, check out square off this sunday morning , the round table discussion show hosted by rich chair. everything from the election to the fiscal cliff battle. square off airs here on abc 2 at 11:00 a.m. sunday. they have dogs and ducks and paintings and posts. >> you can always take in a spectacular view in easton, wyatt everhart is here with more on the water foul festival. where is our fox? is that fox going to make an
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appearance again. >> a great mascot for the festival and a goose mascot floating around, too. they won't be involved in this. we are talking about art. the incredible art here, a huge part of the 42nd water foul festival. the carpenter, why? this is building his nest. that's how this painting got its name. i want to talk to two of the people behind the work, behind the amazing art, alice and mac eberhart. we have a similar last name. alice first, then the mastermind himself. what is amazing here is the funds raised, so much of the funds raised help our chesapeake bay wildlife. this is our 10th year, doing the water foul festival, we are thrilled that mark was chose on the be the featured artist at
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the festival. in all the ten years we have been doing the show, we are really happy that we are contributing to the conservation of the area. >> 5 million raised over the history. ten years you have been involved. i want to talk to mark for a second. we are looking at your amazing works of art. talk about what goes in to these types of paintings. >> a lot of research. i have to be sure that i'm painting a bird that i'm sure to put it on the right branch or in the right environment. after that once i get those decisions made, the design is very important to me. >> we are looking at the featured wok here. talk about that one. >> for the featured work, they wanted to be sure that the subject matter was water foul indigenous to the chesapeake area. i made a list of 18 speoses of ducks that -- species of ducks
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that would work in the painting. i would reduce that to three that i thought were graphically interesting and make a nice composition. >> it's incredible. we appreciate you , alice, appreciate you, it's an incredible scene. come down here to the chesapeake and easton wildlife festival. back to you guys. if you are sticking and here in baltimore this weekend, think about taking in a con concert for a better cause. they are putting on a free concert or a concert to benefit suzanne g komen for the cure maryland, lee ann rimes at the hipaa drome. tickets stat at $32 call 410547 seat for availability. coming up, all brand new at 6:00, it's a miracle tie day in
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maryland, we will tell you what that means and introduce you to one of the young designers. local children are getting a second chance to celebrate how children will be enjoying halloween today.
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veterans day is being honored a special visitor, half the world away. afghanistan, via skype, army staff sergeant read an answered question to k-5 assembly. most of the kids already know tim very well, he is a frequent veterans day reader over the years and dad to classmates
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tristin and liberty. >> we have several families in the military. it's important for us to know as a community to teach our children that we care about the men and women that go over and serving for us and they do leave families behind. it's wonderful we have the opportunity now for technology we can see those people we miss dearly. >> see that in the faces of tristin and liberty. those are appreciative to the family for sharing time, staff sergeant is weeks in to his 6th month deployment. second time in afghanistan. >> with veterans day sundays, companies are finding food and great ways to give back to those who are serving. head to, and check out our featured story section for a list of restaurants offered free eats to veterans this weekend. good deal. the fiscal cliff is coming, how americans can see a tax increase in 2013.

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